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Latest Community Activity


Made request to Change a Billing address of Frontier Communications Customer in Amsterdam Ohio. Unknown reason. Supected internet Voiurism Blackmail Via access electronic device in private bathroom in home and demanded money for ??

07:30 Sat 24 Aug 2019


VM left indicating my IP address has been compromised from several foreign countries, and they are going to suspend my license until I call them and pay a fee to get it fixed.

00:57 Sat 24 Aug 2019


called left no message.

22:41 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Said Cox Communication, called back the number and said this number is no longer in service. I got the switch call yesterday and some scam about credit cards and I hung up.

22:13 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Call comes in but no message is left

20:20 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Wouldn’t leave a message, I called back, rang once, then dead air. Caller id Said “messageclick”

20:19 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Recording stating you were overpaid by social security and you need to pay the over pay now to prevent your social security from garnishing your wages ... They want your address , full name and social security number and a credit card or debit card number ... scam

20:11 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Several calls no messages left.

17:38 Fri 23 Aug 2019


At 9:20am, I missed a call from this unknown number. No message was left.

16:31 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Caller left no message so I think it’s a scammer

16:23 Fri 23 Aug 2019


This call promised 0% intetest on my MC or Visa. It did not mention internet or tv.

15:10 Fri 23 Aug 2019



15:08 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Credit card sales, keeps calling on different local calls at the rate of 10 a week. I block their calls when identified, but they must have a thousand numbers and they keep calling.

13:19 Fri 23 Aug 2019


I did not answer, they did not leave a message.

00:06 Fri 23 Aug 2019


Scammer, sells trash furniture on Facebook - won't refund money

22:25 Thu 22 Aug 2019


This number keeps calling and does not leave message and then they try to be slick and call with same area code and prefix but last 4 numbers different.

20:53 Thu 22 Aug 2019


definite spam. call back number no such number. intense spoof

19:44 Thu 22 Aug 2019


They have called 8 times in an hour and a half. When I answer and when I call back there is no answer and no sound at all.

19:28 Thu 22 Aug 2019

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