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Latest Community Activity


Number is sending lewd female photos

14:54 Mon 21 Sep 2020


Harassment. Sends pictures of dead people and tries to solicit for money.

01:38 Mon 21 Sep 2020


Received 10 calls every 10 min. When answered, it hung up. Not a working # Scammer, blocked every time and still went through

21:59 Sun 20 Sep 2020


Says he wants to pay us to put a wrap on our vehicle to advertise. Willing to pay to install wrap, and pay for rental space on vehicle.

22:22 Sat 19 Sep 2020


getting text messages about county records to david

13:01 Sat 19 Sep 2020


A few head after registering and applying for rebate on a set of 4 tires I bought this # leaves a text message content1st about buying a set of tires then 1k rebate buy insurance. --- weird is my thouhht

02:19 Sat 19 Sep 2020


Called me twice no voicemail I called back something answers for a second and then i heard a beep like a VM prompt left a couple msg's for them but no response. They called at odd hours too like 12:30 am

23:20 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Called and said my Apple cloud account showed suspicious activity and to press 1 to talk to someone about it.

22:04 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Claims to be from “federal prime and investigations department” for social security

21:21 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Text says Parcel Sorting center found package addressed to my first name. Last pickup day Friday (today) .

19:58 Fri 18 Sep 2020


This phone number is associated with SCAM social security fraud suggesting my social security number has been suspended due to criminal activity. They also said the FBI is involved.

17:21 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Claims to be from the social security administration

17:00 Fri 18 Sep 2020


the person told me that i can get a amount of money for a grant that i didnt have to pay back. when i asked for a zipcode it took about two mins to tell me the zipcode for washington dc and they wanted me to call this number 202-681-4366 and my grant IDnumber was KL230

16:05 Fri 18 Sep 2020


The caller ended call up after two rings, left no message.

15:16 Fri 18 Sep 2020


called twice, a different # each time

04:14 Fri 18 Sep 2020


calls several times a day, leaves no message

01:20 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Called twice this evening, left no message.

01:19 Fri 18 Sep 2020


Repeated calls about extending a car warranty

01:18 Fri 18 Sep 2020

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