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Latest Community Activity


Called again will block number

04:15 Fri 15 Nov 2019


Two different people have called from this number & said they were hearing administrators calling from a recorded line. When we respond they hang up. So far it has happened at our business, different times of day, for two days in a row.

21:42 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Unidentified call, doesn't leave messages. I DON'T answer this type of call!!!

21:37 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Unidentified caller...doesn't leave messages. I DON'T answer this type of call!!

21:27 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Medicare back brace scammer

21:01 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Yet another attempt by Capital Bank to get me to answer a robo call to lower my interest rate on a credit card.

20:32 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Left a message about credit cards I don't have. Automated.

19:02 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Sounds like some type of a Scam... Got a call with a voice mail that stated "Some Suspicious Activity"....When the number was called back it stated to "Enter your Pin"...

18:51 Thu 14 Nov 2019


2nd day in a row I received texts: Wal_Greens Recpt with a link. I haven't been in a Walgreens in at least 2 months.

18:09 Thu 14 Nov 2019


No answer. Hangs up. Caller ID says Craig Marvin.

17:34 Thu 14 Nov 2019


unknown caller wants personal info , scammer

16:04 Thu 14 Nov 2019


senator Ben Sasse telemarketer

15:58 Thu 14 Nov 2019


senator Ben Sasse telemarketer

15:58 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Social Security scam.

15:34 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Lower interest rates on credit cards

15:32 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Called. Rejected called. Called right back. no message

15:16 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Robo caller. Voice activated.

14:41 Thu 14 Nov 2019


Kia dealership

10:30 Thu 14 Nov 2019

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