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Latest Community Activity


they called left no message

20:17 Mon 21 Oct 2019


They left no message.

20:16 Mon 21 Oct 2019


guy with a accent saying he miss me and he miss everyday. he wants to marry me. I told him I was reporting this number and to remove my # from call log. They have called 10x in a matter of 3 hours.

18:02 Mon 21 Oct 2019


caller states they need my Social Security # and if I don't call back they will issue an arrest warrant...Yea Right. I'm not that dumb. I'm going to notify the Federal Trade commission and my telephone provider.

17:44 Mon 21 Oct 2019


Left no message.

17:31 Mon 21 Oct 2019


I get calls everyday from 18156601872. person says hello this call is being recorded. I am calling from hearing administrator, can you here me. 5 or more calls a day

17:25 Mon 21 Oct 2019


Unidentified caller. Didn't leave message.

16:02 Mon 21 Oct 2019


Scammer with “important information about your vehicle”

13:04 Mon 21 Oct 2019


I heard "this call is to inform you----" and I hung up. This robo call came at 6:08 AM

12:51 Mon 21 Oct 2019



22:30 Sat 19 Oct 2019


Unanswered call that did not leave a message.

15:36 Sat 19 Oct 2019


Call is from a scammer

22:18 Fri 18 Oct 2019


Paul the robot calling about a membership in the Amazon election network

21:33 Fri 18 Oct 2019


Rolled over to voicemail, duration 1 second. Probably a scammer.

20:46 Fri 18 Oct 2019


Roof repair scam - targeting victims of Imelda

20:18 Fri 18 Oct 2019


whoever this clown is that calls should be stopped... blocking his calls are fruitless...calling back is stupid I know... but from my estimation it's maybe a company that want's you to find out whose calling by giving him your credit card information for 1.00... What a way to make a living...

20:09 Fri 18 Oct 2019


Text message says to tap and hold 1 to call back. Rings but no one answers.

20:07 Fri 18 Oct 2019


Got this voice mail : “Before we begin with the legal proceedings that is 315-667-3081 I repeat 315-667-3081 thank you…”

17:56 Fri 18 Oct 2019

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