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Latest Community Activity


Lorena Marin

17:44 Sat 10 Apr 2021


Frank Martinez Montenegro

17:36 Sat 10 Apr 2021


Hackers and Thives they are beware.

22:49 Fri 09 Apr 2021


Caught the last part of a message they left, said if they did not hear back they would be forced to take legal action.

21:54 Fri 09 Apr 2021


Scammer from automatic call about legal suit

20:05 Fri 09 Apr 2021


I answer no one there feels like a scammer you call back and no answer just says goodbye

19:28 Fri 09 Apr 2021


Someone left message about a package they were trying to deliver but I didn't order anything. Possible scammer

18:59 Fri 09 Apr 2021


One ring. Scammers do this & hope you call back because then YOU'VE initiated contact.

17:19 Fri 09 Apr 2021


The caller ID says Lennar homes. They keep calling wanting to buy my house

17:12 Fri 09 Apr 2021


the caller never spoke.

16:34 Fri 09 Apr 2021


unknown number two days in a row from marathon

13:48 Fri 09 Apr 2021


This number called my phone and left a cryptic message about a legal matter, The call came from a number based in alabama. I think it's a scam and I don't trust it.

22:18 Thu 08 Apr 2021


Unanswered call.. No message

18:51 Thu 08 Apr 2021


Accidentally called it back and got the this number is out of service recording from my provider

19:06 Wed 07 Apr 2021


Caller sounds via tracfone. Bad connection VOIP?

15:39 Wed 07 Apr 2021


Someone speaking broken English called and said my social security number was used fraudulently and asked me my name. If they knew that they wouldn't have asked me.

20:20 Tue 06 Apr 2021


Investigation reveals this number belongs to Y. Principal SMITH 3324 MAGNOLIA HILL DR Alexander City, Alabama. Scum pulling a scam. I have reported to

15:48 Mon 05 Apr 2021


Some scum pulling a scam.. Don’t answer - report to

15:44 Mon 05 Apr 2021

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