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Latest Community Activity


When I called back the call breaks & a beeping sound is heard then disconnected. AUTOMATED SCAM ?!?!?

16:07 Sat 17 Nov 2018


your local police department to go visit your doorstep anytime if you want to resolve this case and to cancel your arrest warrant call us back immediately on our number 209-813-2915 I repeat 209-813-2915 expecting your call as soon as possible…”

16:05 Sat 17 Nov 2018


Ask which was higher than what it was supposed to be in for saying the arrest warrant is issued on your name and already informed to your local police department

16:04 Sat 17 Nov 2018


Keeps calling and not leaving a message

21:22 Fri 16 Nov 2018


I apologize but believe that this was a genuine call

21:03 Fri 16 Nov 2018


Claimed to be social security admin....phishing scam

20:10 Fri 16 Nov 2018


Left message about "pending lawsuit with this company", but never any name of who they were looking for or any other details.

03:45 Fri 16 Nov 2018


Caller was rude and threatening. Continued to call and harass after being hung up on.

20:43 Thu 15 Nov 2018


Man - Player. Met on dating site. Gets in "exclusive" relationships with multiple women at one time. Has no conscience and does not feel bad for all of the women he takes advantage of and hurts.

20:15 Thu 15 Nov 2018


Met on dating site. After phone calls and text messages, he asked for money. Dating scammer.

20:13 Thu 15 Nov 2018



15:06 Thu 15 Nov 2018


Seems like a scam to me

14:20 Thu 15 Nov 2018


Caller said a court summons was going to be served on (named the person). Even gave a case number.

13:49 Thu 15 Nov 2018


robo call about social security number misuse...

00:53 Thu 15 Nov 2018


Said they were a law firm calling to advise they were filing suit about 12/11 ccard debt? No paper work,would not mail or email.....

19:39 Wed 14 Nov 2018


They keep calling but never leave a message.

19:35 Wed 14 Nov 2018


RocoCal scammer preying on senior citizens

19:19 Wed 14 Nov 2018


left message saying they were from social security office and were suspending your s.s.# and assets

15:13 Wed 14 Nov 2018

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