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Latest Community Activity


Calls and hangs up. All I can hear is a girl's voice. Well a teenager. Maybe a teen playing. But she and a depvoiced person call over and over and over. It doesn't give where it is calling from. Sometimes it is from many different regions

07:11 Sun 16 May 2021


"Missed" phone call scam. Usually involves in an attempt to have people call them back for a typical "scam" call. Be careful!

20:07 Fri 14 May 2021


Automated call saying they were Wal-Mart customer service about a suspicious charge on my account. I do not have a Wal-Mart account. Asked me to call back to 413-384-3018. Wal-Mart has a toll free customer service number and this isn’t it! BEWARE!

20:58 Thu 13 May 2021


I called back and it was a company named Everything Promo.

20:01 Thu 13 May 2021


Said SS administration and my SS# has been suspended. Scammmmmer

18:30 Thu 13 May 2021


spam call about car warranty

15:01 Thu 13 May 2021


Scam call- say they are calling you from Amazon with suspicious activity.

19:24 Wed 12 May 2021


I had 4 missed calls from this number in the passed 1 hour. It shows on my phone as probably Spam.

18:42 Wed 12 May 2021


Hung up when I answered.

17:50 Wed 12 May 2021


claimed he was from publishers clearing house and I won the prize and gave me a number to call.Why cant calls like these be stopped.

16:39 Wed 12 May 2021


caller stated her name as "?" and said she is a senior advisor and asked if i can hear her. When I said yes, she hung up. Ive had several calls from this number but have never answered them. Today I let my guard down.

16:10 Wed 12 May 2021


cant be dialed, disconnected number_ scammer

22:54 Tue 11 May 2021


5/11/21 5:00 PM, received a robocall with a female voice saying that I have had an AMAZON charge of $699 and a WESTERN UNION charge of $7,050. I am to call 352-612-5903 immediately if I did not make these charges.

21:21 Tue 11 May 2021


suspicious call - stativ VM

15:13 Tue 11 May 2021


Calls every day multiple times I don’t answer numbers not familiar or without caller names.

14:54 Tue 11 May 2021


Believed to be scammer

21:42 Mon 10 May 2021


Phone id shows Regions Bank

17:41 Sat 08 May 2021


Called me but left no message.

16:54 Sat 08 May 2021

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