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Latest Community Activity


Continues to call. I do not answer and they leave no message. I've already had two calls today and more previously

20:48 Mon 17 Jun 2019


Kept on line but did not speak for 1.5 minutes. Heard TV in background and typing.

14:14 Mon 17 Jun 2019


212-228-7478 keeps calling, no message. Try to dial back and get a "phone number does not exist" recording from Verizon. Owner is somewhere around 12th street east in Manhattan

20:22 Sun 16 Jun 2019


This is a computer generated number. It's a scam!!!

19:56 Sun 16 Jun 2019


Number a bot left on a dating app.

05:16 Sun 16 Jun 2019


Who is this?

23:12 Sat 15 Jun 2019


Dating site

19:13 Sat 15 Jun 2019


Left a text with an amt. of money and hyperlink.

19:00 Sat 15 Jun 2019


Received a sex solicitation from this number via a text message including a link.

16:50 Sat 15 Jun 2019


We keep getting calls from this number. It rings three times and then hangs up. We do not answer any calls that we do not recognize the telephone number for. If it is important the caller should leave a message but it is clear that they are hanging up before the answering machines turn on. This is most annoying.

23:54 Fri 14 Jun 2019


Craigslist email scammer

22:09 Fri 14 Jun 2019


The caller wanted to give me better credit card rates and I told I wasn't interested and not to call again and he got angry asking ,e why I was rude.

20:56 Fri 14 Jun 2019


Missed call. No msg. Not calling back until I know who it is. Too many scam calls.

16:57 Fri 14 Jun 2019


I have had 6 calls in 2 days from this guy about timeshares

02:48 Fri 14 Jun 2019


Received a automatic voicemail message from this number and the message said that they were calling from SSA and my social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity and if I want to hear more about this case to push a button. Can I say SCAM and FRAUDS? SMH

00:22 Fri 14 Jun 2019


This is a Robo call saying my social security number is compromised.- DO NOT CALL OR PRESS THE NO. they say in the voice message. They did leave a message, but so obvious it was not a real person. This HAS GOT TO STOP...… Malicious and Evil

00:14 Fri 14 Jun 2019


repeat of above

22:00 Thu 13 Jun 2019


just had a social security number call from this number

21:33 Thu 13 Jun 2019

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