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Latest Community Activity


Did not leave message. High probability ot being scam as it has called several times over the last few days at all times and hours and never leaves a message.

21:02 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Called back and the individual stated that he had not made any calls. Seemed like he was being truthful

19:11 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Pushy; "We have job openings available". Unsolicited and unwanted call.

16:14 Fri 19 Jul 2019


this is someone that is a scammer..says my SSA is being used in Texas. Did not and will not return call

16:05 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Frequent missed call with now msg left

15:41 Fri 19 Jul 2019


It was a miss call i don't answer calls that I don't know and i don't call these numbers back

00:55 Fri 19 Jul 2019


may have been a wrong number

00:24 Fri 19 Jul 2019


Kathleen Newman calling from 2084945022 about student loans. She asks you to call 8666981331. I have been getting calls repeatedly from her. HS public education is free but maybe she doesn't know that.

23:37 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called my phone. I do not know who this is.

23:28 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called my phone. I do not know who this is.

23:27 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called my phone. I do not know who this is.

23:26 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called my phone, I do not know who this is.

23:24 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called me, left message how he wants to buy my home. Scam caller.

23:23 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called me, I do not know who this is.

23:22 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Called me, I do not know who this is.

23:21 Thu 18 Jul 2019


I agree with the above comments. Got the same scam phone call from a number in Idaho.

21:34 Thu 18 Jul 2019


Same message as above.... (3) times today. I blocked the call and somehow they were able to leave a voicemail without my phone even ringing.

21:14 Thu 18 Jul 2019


calls every day in the late afternoon says nothing than disconnects we are a business

20:44 Thu 18 Jul 2019

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